Chasing Rabbits Dog Bakery

Chasing Rabbits Dog Bakery creates small batch, hand crafted dog treats. We use simple, natural ingredients (fit for people!) to bake fun treats that dogs love. Our selection includes some standards, as well as seasonal treats and frosted specialty dog treats.

Made with love, in Snoqualmie, Washington.

Our Ingredients

All of our treats are made with human food grade ingredients- many of which are organic. All of our un-frosted treats are made with all natural ingredients, with no chemical preservatives or dyes.

Some of our frosted treats do contain food grade artificial dyes, which are noted in the ingredients. A note about frosted treats: Avoid feeding on a carpet. Frosting and dog saliva can stain carpets or highly porous surfaces.

Introducing Treats Into Your Dog's Diet
We recommend you consult your vet before introducing new treats into your dog's diet, and checking for food sensitivities. Dogs, like people, react differently to different treats!

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About Our Founder

Leslie Johnson - Owner, Chief Baker, Former "Cat Person"
I was born a Cat Person. My mother loved cats, and after adopting neighborhood cats into our home during our youth, we eventually got a cat of our own. I still remember going to the Humane Society with my mom and grandpa. I remember hearing the dogs barking, but we were focused on the cats. Dogs weren't even on the radar. We ended up with a young cat (not a kitten, much to the kids' chagrin). She was orange, and my mom single-handeadly saved her from being euthanized because she had some slight, curable illness. It was my first brush with the importance of adopting shelter animals. Her name was Taffy (or Pookie as I called her later in life) and she lived with us happily until the ripe age of 16.

My love for dogs came later in life. I didn't even have any close contact with dogs until my mid 20s. My fiancé (now husband) had grown up with dogs and naturally wanted a dog now that he was settled. He spent weeks combing through Petfinder looking at shelter dogs throughout the Northwest. He settled on a puppy pit/terrier mix he found in Eastern Washington. I, non dog person, was concerned a bit about her breed. On the day he was going to go meet her in Yakima, a mountain snowstorm shuttered the pass. He didn't end up with Rosie (I still think about her occasionally -did we leave her to a sad fate?). While waiting for the weather to clear, he came across a litter of puppies at Homeward Pet Adoption in Woodinville, WA. It was a group of about six black puppies- left in front of a WalMart. He visited the puppies and picked the one that was shy and the least active of the group - Sarah, now Penny.

Like that trip to the Humane Society to get Taffy the cat, I still vibrantly remember the first time I saw Penny. My husband brought her to my office, straight from the adoption. She was adorable and I instantly fell in love with her, even though she was gassing up our office atrium with some impressive puppy farts.

As I spent more and more time with Penny, my love for dogs blossomed. What everyone spoke of, I now understood- their loyalty, their love, their intelligence. Penny is frankly too smart - the 'pick the shy quiet puppy' trick failed - she's high strung and high activity (she landed in a family of distance runners, much to her delight). I quickly became a Dog Person.

From the beginning Penny was always fed high end dog food - we always joked she ate better than us. Her high strung nature also means she regularly gets treats - basically a means to distract her from The Enemy while we are on walks (so, so many Enemies. That kid on a skateboard? Definitely out to get us. The Pomeranian across the street? Secret assassin, obviously).

I began looking into making homemade dog treats- mostly for fun, but also to minimize the amount of chemical ingredients she was ingesting from commercial dog treats. After tweaking a few recipes around things I knew she loved (bacon, molasses, to name a few triggers), I realized I had some pretty tasty treats on my hands. Mind you, not to me. I try them all and I'm always like "meh" even as Penny is dancing with excitement next to me.

After giving out treats to friends and getting good feedback, I figured maybe it was time to try a small business- and thus Chasing Rabbits Dog Bakery was born. We bake our treats in small-batches, on demand. We use simple, natural ingredients (including some organic ingredients), with a focus on quality.

We hope you enjoy Chasing Rabbits Dog Treats as much as Penny and her friends do!


Penny: The inspiration for Chasing Rabbits Dog Bakery. Also, winner. And...chaser of rabbits.

Penny: The inspiration for Chasing Rabbits Dog Bakery. Also, winner. And...chaser of rabbits.